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Rob AJ6E aj6e at webtv.net
Sun Dec 7 11:26:55 EST 1997

       I am Sohrab "Rob" Esfandiari AJ6E (EX: KD6EWT). I am a very
active contester and DXer, at the age of 16. I have been on the cover of
73, in articles dealing with young hams in CQ (Bill's Basic's), and DX
magazine. I am currently trying to get a story published in cq contest
about getting young people involved in amateur radio. I am writing to
you because, I love contesting, but don't really have a big station at
home. Right now, we're in the midst of "remodeling", but many things are
still in repair.  I share a shack with my uncle  Steven Katz (WB2WIK/6),
he has written for many magazines also and still occasionally does for
73. I was wondering if anyone knew of a big-gun contest station around
calif. that i could op a contest from. contest season is only beginning
and i would really like to be big-gun for a day. Tge lcosest i ever came
was helping to a top ten finish in Field Day for the Conejo Valley ARC
(I had the 2nd most qso's of the 23 people while operating 15 cw). So
you see i am a pretty goodop, all i need is a chance to show my skills,
so anyone knows any big-guns that would let a willing experienced (have
had my Extra for 3 yrs.) ham hit a contest or two, please let me know.

                           Thnak you,
                                 73 and best DX
                            Rob AJ6E EX:KD6EWT



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