[3830] W4MR ARRL 160 (M/S)

AA4NC AA4NC at aol.com
Sun Dec 7 14:26:53 EST 1997

W4Mexican Radio
Operators: K4MA, AA4NC

Qs: 894      Countries: 12     Sections: 74  (missed ORG!, SF!, PR, AK, VE8)

Operating time: 22. 5 hours

FT990 / AL1200 to inverted vee @ 115'

Club: PVRC - NC

What a dismal contest this was....

(Jim will say it was because we didn't do the Lynyrd Skynyrd pre-contest
Kinda like a redneck voodoo ritual...)

Score is 200 Qs down, and 50K down from my normal SO score, and we had packet
(intermittently). Conditions were wierd. It seemed fairly quiet, but we
couldn't hear very well.
Without any receiving antennas and relative QRP (for 160m) at 1500w, it was
like trying to teach a pig to sing (frustrates you - annoys the pig). I had
hopes of putting up a couple beverages this year in an adjoining farm field.
That didn't work out, as the farmer sold out to the %^$#@ "developers" that
will be putting "upscale living" homes in my backyard. This ain't the country
no more...
Can't wait for the new "upscale living" types to come over with RFI

We worked all the serious participants in the first 4 hours (almost half the
total Qs). After that, it was run (if you call it that), and endless S&P on
VFO B. This contest is waaay too long.
The highlight was watching a Championship "rassling fest" and some bitchin'
Infomercials on the tee-vee Saturday night as we blazed away at about 9 / hour
average rate. I can't wait for my Juicer and the commemorative Elvis plate to
I was kept awake by doses of caffeine, the inevitable babes that accompany the
aforementioned 'rasslers, and talking to AA4GA (@W4WA) on packet. It seems
that Ronnie (WA) acquired a new "art film" channel on his sattelite system,
and his operators were being treated to much higher class fare than what was
available from my rabbit ears.  

Highlights: No TR crashes... (we used CT)
                Finding out that the 40m beam hears better than the 160
antenna (or is
that a lowlight?)

Lowlights: Everything else

Happy holidays from the Griswold family....


Will AA4NC
W4MR / Confederate Contest Club

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