[3830] W0AH 160M Multi (KF7MD and packet)

W0AH W0AH at aol.com
Sun Dec 7 20:22:59 EST 1997

CALL     BAND     QSO's     POINTS    MULTS                       SCORE
W0AH    160M      1081        2309       86   (75 plus 11 DX)      198,832

My favorite contest!   Thanks to all those who called us, especially EI7M,
GW3YDX, and KH8/N8OLS.  The only station we called and did not work was
SP7GIQ.  I apologize to those who called that we could not hear well enough to
work.  Next year's improvement will be a east beverage.  Althought the band
was quiet, conditions were average except for the good JA opening Saturday
morning.  We worked 37 JA's (all Saturday morning-could barely hear JA Sunday
morning).  Also worked FP/W8MV, YN4/WK6O, RA0FF, P40P, SM4CAN, F5IN, SL3ZV,
and 3E1DX.  Where was the Carribean?  I operated from the start until 7:15 AM
Saturday morning, my 6th contest all-nighter in the last 6 weeks (three of
them were during the EME contest weekends), and I was feeling tired before the
contest began, but the 707 Q first night kept me awake.  Paul, KF7MD, operated
the second night except for 4 AM until 7:30 AM when I foolishly told him I
would work some more JA's.   With the new top loaded 90' vertical and improved
NE beverage, Paul and I significantly improved our score over past years and
came close to breaking AA6TT's Colorado record.  We met our goal of over a
1000 Q's.  Will we ever meet our goal of top 10?  Only if that once-a-season
European opening that favors us occurs on a contest weekend.  Not that I wish
ill on my eastern brethern, but Lord couldn't you arrange that just once? (hi)
Equipment:  90' vertical, NE beverage, FT-1000, Titan at 1200 watts
Doug  W0AH  ex-W2CRS

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