[3830] K8ND ARRL 160 (M/S)

Jeffrey Maass jmaass at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Sun Dec 7 22:58:49 EST 1997

                 1997 ARRL 160 METER CONTEST
 Call used: K8ND                                   Location: OH
 Category: Multi-Single Xmtr          Mode: CW     Power: 1500
 Callsign of Operator: K8ND, K1LT  
           QSOs     points
 TOTAL     1249       2564   X   93 multipliers  =  238,452
                                 (Missed PR, NWT)

 Club or Team Name: Mad River Radio Club        

 Equipment: FT-1000MP, Alpha 91b, IC-765, NA Logging Software

 Antennas: Five 2-wire Beverages (10 directions), K9AY loop
            system, inverted-L (45-foot vertical).

   This contest is a tradition for us. This year was the 24th
   for K1LT and the 20th for K8ND. We both started while students
   at Ohio State University with W8LT, and continued after the
   club 'cycled' out of contesting. Over the years we have used
   calls W8LT, K8ND, and K1LT in various years, with many others
   learning about 160 meters along with us. Between 1972 and 1991,
   when we were making M/S efforts, we contributed to 19 Top Ten
   multi-single finishes, including four #1 and two #2. 

   This is a tough contest with space limitations! Station this
   year had five temporarily-installed 2-wire Beverages ranging in
   length from 250' to 740' and a K9AY loop system (it works!),
   with the receiving antennas all crammed along with the
   transmitting inverted-L on my 200x400-foot lot and the back
   yards of my neighbors on three sides. Not optimum.

   Transmitting was with inverted-L (45' vertical) with around 130
   temporarily-installed radials ranging from 50- to 300-feet long,
   with most around 1oo-feet.

   We were tromped this year by K8MK (located 11 miles NE of here)
   who has room for proper Beverages, and undoubtedly by many other
   M/S stations. Still, we enjoyed ourselves, and learned some
   lessons for next year!

Jeff Maass       (jmaass at freenet.columbus.oh.us)      Amateur Radio K8ND
      USPSA/IPSC # L-1192   NROI/CRO          NW of Columbus Ohio
      25000 Members in 2000!

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