[3830] K5ZD ARRL 160m Contest Score

Randy Thompson k5zd at ma.ultranet.com
Mon Dec 8 04:14:37 EST 1997

In a very casual effort:

K5ZD, Single Op High Power, WMA

474 QSOs for 1158 points

68 sections and 27 Countries

Final Score 110,010

Operating time ~7 hours

Didn't start until 0540Z Friday night.  Found conditions to Europe were 
excellent and had a very nice run on 1825.  Worked about 60 EU in 2 hours 
and most of my countries.  EU on Saturday night was non-existant for me.

Heard my first KL7 on 160 ever.  Actually heard two of 'em.  Too bad they 
couldn't hear me!  Found KL7Y before the crowd, but he was pretty weak and 
it seemed there was always one west coast guy calling.  Then heard NL7G (or 
was it NL7Z?) a little later but too weak to work.

The DX window was kept amazingly clear.  The few who tried to CQ there were 
quickly run off by the window police.

Even though the band was crowded, didn't hear any messy frequency fights. 
 Seemed like the big stations just planted themselves and CQed on the same 
frequency all night.

Had my first try of a new Windows contest logging software by W5XD.  It 
worked pretty well and it was fun to download and read internet e-mail 
while simultaneously running guys.  Gotta love Windows 95 when it is 

Randy, K5ZD

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