[3830] KB1H CQWW CW M/M

Dick Pechie kb1h at chowda.com
Mon Dec 8 08:46:45 EST 1997

                     CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1997

      Call: KB1H                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi


      160       27       55     2.04      8      18
       80      150      409     2.73     18      76
       40      442     1257     2.84     31     106
       20      971     2847     2.93     35     122
       15      840     2455     2.92     34     121
       10       78      192     2.46     18      38

     Totals   2508     7215     2.88    144     481  =>

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List: KB1H, AA1CE, NB1U, K1EBY


Equipment Description:
                       Station #1:
                       TS-940S/ALPHA 77DX

                       Station #2:
                       TS-850/Amp Supply LK-500ZC

                       Three Towers grossly underpopulated
                       160M - Inverted-L
                        80M - Single Half Wave Vertical with
raised radials
                        40M - KLM 3-Element Yagi @ 80'
                        20M - Telerex 5-Element @ 90'
                        15M - Telerex 5-Element @ 120'
                        10M - LTA 5-Element @ 100'

Club Affiliation: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature Dick Pechie KB1H


               Dick Pechie  KB1H
               P.O. Box 246
               East Killingly, CT 06243


We had hoped to have all bands available for this contest but 5
weekends of bad weather had us not much more ahead than for the
SSB weekend. We had gotten up a 3-element KLM 40M beam. We did
have three of four 80M verticals up and planned on putting the
last one up Friday morning. Still no 10M antenna up but plans
were to do that too.

Wednesday night we had a terrific wind storm. I estimated winds
at 55-60MPH and others said we had gusts much higher. At sign of
first light I went out back and found 2 of 3 verticals had come
down. Spent most of Thanksgiving repairing the 3" irrigation
tubing so it could be put up if possible.

With time running out on Friday we decided to run a single
vertical. Re-orientating the 15M and 20M beams had to be done and
this time they were pinned. Still no 10M beam but we did get the
sidearm up.

Because all the stuff yet unfinished we decided to again do a
truely 2 radio M/M. Lots of operating, most score for the club's
aggregate, and a chance to work out the antennas we did have.

The 15M and 20M beams performed very well as they did in the SSB
weekend. Plus we could rotate the 20M this contest. The 40M beam
worked like a champ. Quite an improvement over the 2-Element
Mosley we had up. Sunday, when we got the 10M beam up, we had
already missed two days of early morning openings but had good
success on 10M once we were QRV. The single vertical was a good
performer even though we were missing the gain and nulling of the
4-square. We are quite sure that when all is done we will be
happy with the 4-Square.

Still three antennas on the ground plus the three verticals.
Let's hope we can get a break and have it done for ARRL CW where
KB1H will be M/2.

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