[3830] N5JA ARRL 160m SOHP score

Jon Barclay N5JA N5JA at contesting.com
Wed Dec 10 11:33:49 EST 1997


      Call: N5JA                     Section:  South Texas (STX)
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Op, High Power


     Totals   1361    3046     2.24         77         30    =   325,922

Continent        QSOs    Percent
=============    ====    =======

North America    1257      92.4  (4 were XE)
South America       2       0.1
Europe             77       5.7
Asia               24       1.9
Africa              0       0.0
Oceania             1       0.1

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:
  FT1000D transceiver
  Alpha 89 amplifier
  160' shunt-fed vertical for transmit antenna
  Six 2-wire Beverages 800 to 1550 ft for receive
  CT9.30 on a 386/40 (Daaaaahhh dididah?)

Club Affiliation:
  North Texas Contest Club

This was one of the most enjoyable contests I've done in recent memory.

It's always somewhat like a reunion because you work the same guys year
after year, many who seem like friends though you may have never met or
even spoken outside the contests.

Atmospheric noise the first night was lower than I've EVER heard it here
in East Texas-- none of the Beverages were moving the S-meter on ambient
noise.  Even the vertical had a noise level of less than S7, which is
virtually unheard of.  The second night was more like normal, but not
quite as bad.

Unfortunately, the station wasn't ready for prime time.  Year-end crises
at work (gotta spend that money before the end of the year) kept me
working late, and not until just before the contest did I get a chance
to see if everything was working correctly.  It wasn't.  My main JA
Beverage was broken the first night.  I did get it fixed for the second
morning, but unfortunately didn't work a single JA the second day.  The
long EU Beverage wasn't working either, and though I got it working
somewhat Saturday afternoon, all the signals were way down compared to
the other antennas, so it was of little benefit.  Lightning the week
before likely took its toll on a reflection transformer or something.

Conditions overall didn't seem that good despite the quieter band. I
never had any "runs" or Europe, just the occasional caller who was often
weak.  Don, KH8/N5OLS called me when I was S5 there and was stunned when
I answered him -- usually I have to be S9 there before he'll be loud
enough to overcome my noise.

Thanks for the QSOs and nice to hear everyone again.

Jon Barclay N5JA

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _________________________________


                 Jon A. Barclay N5JA
                 RR 1, Box 1554
                 Kennard, TX  75847

Jon A. Barclay  N5JA  (ex-AA5BL)
N5JA at contesting.com

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