Reed, Steve Steve.Reed at me.rtz.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 14:11:11 EST 1997

G0AEV, high power, single op, mixed mode raw score in ARRL 10m

        Qs        Pts       DX        W/VE
SSB     201       402       48        12
CW      128       512       39        16

TOTAL   329       914       87        28

SCORE : 105110

FT1000 + 400w + 5ele mono yagi @ 45' + ½L vertical

Good meteor scatter / lousy sporadic E - no easy runs on Europeans.
Excellent tropo but locals thin on the ground. But at least a reasonable
number of stateside Qs for the first time in this contest for years.
Interestingly the CW band was sometimes open to N. America when SSB
portion was not - MUF hovering around 28 MHz?

Envious of the 1500+ QSO totals. Will have to wait at least one more
year before conditions allow us to be competitive with the likes of LU
and ZS!

Steve G0AEV
steve.reed at me.rtz.co.uk

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