[3830] K6LA SOHP abbreviated

KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Mon Dec 15 16:40:21 EST 1997

                             1997 ARRL TEN METER CONTEST

     Call used: K6LA                                           Location: CA
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: MIXED           Power: 1500
     Callsign of Operator: K6LA
     Hours of Operation: 10:36

     band      QSOs      points    mults
     CW         335        1340      56
     PH         378         756      50
     TOTAL      713        2096     106      SCORE: 222,176

     Club or Team Name: SCCC


Four soccer games (my son's team made it to the finals of the playoffs,
only to lose after overtime in a tiebreaker,) a Friday evening date with the
XYL (at least the new Woody Allen movie was great) and my kids' first piano
recital made it difficult to be competitive in this one, but it sure was
fun for the time I could play. No JA/EU here, which was surprising after
the good JA opening in CQWW CW. More WY than I ever remember, but no WA or
ID! Saturday the band opened to the east at 7am local, but Sunday not till
9am local. Too bad the soccer games started early Saturday instead of Sunday.
Didn't experience much of the E opening reported by the east coast. Next
year this one goes on the calendar for a full out effort, soccer tournaments

And a note regarding packet and single op. When I got home Saturday night
from the day's soccer games (the late one went into overtime also) I logged
on to the local DX packetcluster to see what I missed and to check out WWV
sunspot numbers. I forgot to disconnect, which I discovered Sunday night when
I reloaded the packet software. One might infer that I was cheating as I was
connected all day Sunday. However, I never saw a spot, so this one will go in
single op unassisted.

73. Ken, K6LA - Ken Six Los Angeles, KWIDELITZ at DELPHI.COM

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