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Jay Pryor jpryor at
Tue Dec 16 10:53:13 EST 1997

Single Op, Low Power, CW Only

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries   

   10CW      425         424       1700      47        22 

 Totals      425         424       1700      47        22 

    Final Score = 117300 points.

A-3S on rooftop tower, up app. 40'
Dipole app. 80'

At one point Friday evening, 10 of 15 Qs were with MN. Sunday I thought my
antenna feed line had shorted, the band was so dead. Worked a handfull of
ZL, VK (and YJ0) and a few EU. Final run with the Northeast ended the
contest on a positive note. 

Next up, Stew Perry and NAQP!



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