[3830] LOGS !!!!!

Jimmy R. Floyd floydjr at interpath.com
Tue Dec 16 18:55:58 EST 1997

I am sorry to take up this bandwidth but I did try to send this message
back to this person but my provider says it is a non sendable address.

To TA1JY !!!!!!!!

Please do not send me logs. I have receieved 5 emails from you with your
logs attached. I have nothing to do with the ARRL or CQ magazine and 
do not do any log checking. 

Thank you.

73 Jim

BTW Also since you brought this on the reflector Ken, N4UK, these are only
raw scores and do not mean a thing. So chill out. I cannot find anywhere 
that your call is listed on the 160 meter contest. I am doing 4 contests
right now and will make mistakes but do not need you to come on here and
make me look like the bad guy. If you can do this job amy better you are
welcomed to it. I make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. I do
my best and spend about 6 hours a day right now just doing scores. 

Sorry to everyone for that but he brought it to the reflector.

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