[3830] WO1N 10M Score/Story

KEN CARUSO Ken_Caruso at compuserve.com
Sun Dec 21 00:52:59 EST 1997

       Call: WO1N                     Country:  United States
      Power: 150W                    Category: Single Operator
       Mode: CW Only

      CW       116      468       28        6
      Totals   116      468       28        6  =   15,912

 Equipment Description: FT1000D, Cushcraft R7
 Club Affiliation: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

 It's about this time in the season that the contests start to blur
 and if you don't process your log and write down your impressions soon
 after the test is over you'll forget. Well, it almost happened to me
 anyways. This used to be my favorite contest before Ole Sol's spots
 went south; last year band conditions were so bad I didn't play at all. 
 This year, Friday night had some good E-skip up to the Mississippi River 
 so I started a log and visited the shack several times during the
 weekend. Probably put in 10 hrs active, not counting the time very
 late at night when I was trolling for local Novice/Techs at our local 
 slow speed net frequency (28.160). I just put the 'puter in auto CQ
 and managed to catch *ONE* tech for the coveted 8 pointer. Had a few
 nice ragchews with other locals in the process.

 It quickly became obvious during the day that I had some serious line
 noise that I never noticed before, and I'm sure it cost a lot of Q's. I
 had to run daylight hours with the NoiseBlankers on. I don't remember it
 ever being so bad on my older radio. Perhaps it was always there but I
 never noticed it with all the other trash the radio added to the mix.
 At any rate that is going to need some investigation.

 Nothing to exciting and rates were pretty poor. I managed to give myself
 a case of Nintendo thumb by sending so much by hand, I mean what's this
 all about? Time for a new keyer, I'm not happy with the feel provided by 
 the Benchers anymore.

 CU in the next one,


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