[3830] WA2DFI SO/LP 1997 160M TBDC score

Scott Cowling dfi at cyberhighway.net
Sun Dec 28 22:40:10 EST 1997

Hi topband fanatics,

What a great test this one is!!!  Conditions couldn't have been better,
either.  Reminds me of the feeling on 10M at the sunspot peak! (Well, OK,
but it is SIMILAR, isn't it?)  The quarter-wave elevated balloon-supported
vertical worked well, as usual.  And as usual, I had trouble hearing.  I
wonder if Milt knows of any land for sale near his QTH - it sounds like a
nice quiet place to work topband.  My QRN level was S7 most of the night.
My apologies to those ops whose sigs I just could not pull out of the noise.

You can count me in again next year!  73,

Scotty WA2DFI

Call: WA2DFI	Grid: DM43 (Tempe, AZ)	Category: Single Op, Low Power

Rig: 		TenTec OMNI VI+, 100W out	
Antennas: 	175' total length Inv-L @ 25' with 3 elevated radials
		130' balloon supported elevated vertical with 2 radials

score:		134 QSOs for a total score of 1662 points in 13 hours

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