W1NN SprINT Score

wallace offutt woffutt at davinci.netaxis.com
Wed Jan 1 09:51:17 EST 1997

SprINT Score for W1NN 

40 meters   83 QSOs
80 meters   18 QSOs

Total      101 QSOs


I love these SprINTs (and the regular Sprints) even though I haven't been
doing very well in them. It is so much more challenging and fun to work
one of these than to sit on one frequency hour after hour calling CQ. 
These are the *real* contests, in my opinion.

This time 40 was especially difficult for me, although apparently not so
with others.  Signals were weak and there was a lot of junk and SSB QRM on
the band.  The only really decent signal here was NY4A.  I had only a
couple of contacts with 'AAA and not a single one with 'RAT.  Not sure
where my own modest signal was going.  Oh, I take that back. I worked
ZS6CAX three times and G4BUO once, so maybe that gives a clue.  BTW, great
to see some DX stations in this contest.  You have to be pretty devoted to
operate a SprINT from 2 AM to 4 AM local time.

I spent a lot of time setting up for two radio operation and looking for
contacts on 80 but there was very little activity.  I guess most folks
must have been happy enough on 40.  I did find K1VUT five times on 3530,
and a handful of others, so a few stations were on the lookout for these
easy-as-pie contacts.  There was a lot more activity on 80 last year as I
I agree with the opinions expressed here that it would be nice to have
more SprINTs.  I'd love to see some unofficial practice SprINTs on Tuesday
or Wednesday night a couple of times per year where no logs are checked
and no results are compiled.  We just post our scores here and go on with
life.  No extra work for log checkers or sponsors, just more CW operating. 
After all, the fun is in the CW contesting, and there isn't nearly enough
of that, IMHO. 

This was my very first time on the air with the new call sign and I was
VERY pleased with it.  Not a single station failed to copy it correctly on
the first call, and I was mostly sending at 34-36 WPM.  Quite a change
from 'HVT.  But I'll still miss the old one.  I get a twinge of regret
for abandoning it every time I look at my car's license plates. 

A Happy New Year to all and good contesting in 1997.

Hal W1NN (formerly K8HVT)

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