No more contesting for AB5LX

Stan Stockton stans at
Sat Jan 4 01:18:33 EST 1997

Mr. and Mrs. Goldsberry,

My 14 year old daughter, KC5HVZ, got her novice license at age 12 having
learned the code easier than her older brother, N5DX (formerly KB5WWA),
who is now 17 years old.  Just a few months into her new hobby she called
CQ on 10 meter SSB and was answered by someone using a W7__ call which was
not current at the time.  He proceeded to "talk dirty" to her, and that
pretty much ended her interest in amateur radio at an early age. 

I have all but given up on my encouragement for her to get back into ham
radio, since I know that at the present time it doesn't stand a chance of
competing with all the other activities she is interested in. Hopefully
someday it will be a part of her enjoyment. 

It is not possible to shield these kids from the few bad apples who
attempt to spoil the whole bunch.  They can learn from the bad examples
too.  I hope that regardless of what experience Jason had, that someday if
he wants to participate, we will hear AB5LX again in a CW Sweepstakes. 

Hopefully you got this message.  I originally sent it to your address and
it bounced for some reason. 

Stan, K5GO

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