Announcing-First Annual Ontario QSO Party

Robert G. Chandler 103111.2775 at
Mon Jan 6 22:39:33 EST 1997

  Announcing-First Annual Ontario QSO Party

From:	Bob Chandler VE3SRE, 103111,2775

Greetings and Happy 1997 to all!

Attached to this message is a file called "ONTQSO.TXT" containing the rules to
the First Annual Ontario QSO Party.  This is a brand new amateur radio contest
open to both hams and SWL's sponsored by the Ontario DX Association, Canada's
largest SWL club.

In this contest, Ontario stations will work the world and the world will work

We believe that this will be a significant challenge for ham radio contesters
around the world.  Ontario is Canada's second largest province with a land area
of over 400,000 squre miles and a population of over 10,000,000 of whom about
20,000 are amateur radio operators.  We hope that a significant number will be
on the air between 18:00 UTC on April 26, 1997 and 18:00 UTC on April 27, 1997.

We would also very much appreciate any publicity you could help provide us with
for this contest!

Feel free to publish this info in any on your publications, upload the info to
any website, computer BBS or packet BBS you have access to.

Also, we would appreciate any feedback you may have either before or after the
contest as this is the very first time we have run a contest of this type.

73 de

Bob Chandler VE3SRE
Ham Radio Editor
"DX Ontario" Magazine
P.O. Box 161, Stn. A
Willowdale, Ontario
M2N 5S8

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