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Sun Jan 12 09:54:28 EST 1997

                              NA QSO SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 11-Jan-97, 12-Jan-97

    Callsign Used : W5NN @ K5XI

        Operators : AB5LX, K5NZ

         Category : MULTI

 Default Exchange : SLUGGO  TX

        Team/Club : TEAM CRAMP

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   


  160CW      110         110        110      35 

   80CW      253         253        253      49 

   40CW      346         345        345      55 

   20CW      307         306        306      49 

   15CW      161         161        161      38 

   10CW       38          38         38      15 


 Totals     1215        1213       1213     241 

    Final Score = 292333 points.

Wow!  I can't believe how much fun it was to operate this contest with Jason,
AB5LX!  It took a little work on his parents after his problems in his last
phone contest, but I think they see what a great hobby this is and how much
he enjoys contesting!  This 13 yr old sat down at the helm of a super station
and didn't make one mistake!  After one explaination of what rotors to use
and switch box configs. he had it down!  12 hours with only one break for
dinner, moving mults, checking other bands, switching antennas, you just
wouldn't believe it!  Finally I got to operate a contest cw contest with
someone that could use TR! (Tree, you might have to pay up on that liftime TR
upgrade..Maybe he will make a cover using TR!)  He can type over 100wpm and
would be sending me talk messages during his CQ's and I couldn't answer
because I can't type fast enough!  CW speed?? No problem!  I looked over and
he was at 38wpm during the first hour!  Me... 32!  No wonder the rate meter
was over 300 so much.  After I explained that if his rate dropped to slow
down he understood, but you could tell he wanted to get back to high speed!
 I could go on and on!  

Thanks to his parent for giving it another chance and bringing him down for
the day.  It sure made my birthday fun!!

All I can say is... Contesting World  meet  Tiger Woods!

73  Mike K5NZ

PS..  It was great not having N5RP and K5GA gripe about the name SLUGGO all
day!  Jason liked the name!  And could pronounce it at 45wpm!  :-)

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