Jim Stahl k8mr at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jan 12 15:35:05 EST 1997

K8MR  -  Single Op  -  Ohio   - Approx 5 hrs

    160      45    22
     80      62    22
     40      49    22
     20      49    21
     15      65    21 
     10      53    21
            323   129       41,667

Great sporadic E opening on the high bands!  Never could have believed these
results given an S9 line noise from the west for most of the past 3 weeks.
The local power company is usually pretty good about responding to my calls,
but with the year end vacations, paperwork, etc., I'm still waiting.

 I ended my early operating with the statistically improbable result of 21
mults on each of 40,20,15 and 10.  I intended to make 21 on 80 and 160,
which I did, but as I was S&Ping a few more qsos, I lost it and by mistake
called N2NC which was #22 on 80.  Not wanting to start another "good qso not
in the log" thread I dutifully logged it, and then evened things out a bit
by working N4UK on 160 and N8NA on 40 for my other #22's.

I hope I get my line noise fixed before the VHF SS/NAQP Phone next weekend.
It sure would be nice to get an E-skip session like this next weekend.
Anyone for 10 bands?

Jim   K8MR

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