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Sun Jan 12 19:04:31 EST 1997

     Hours of Operation: 09:26
     band      QSOs     points    mults
     160         85        85       32
      80        125       125       37
      40        202       202       44
      20        116       116       35
      15         57        57       23
      10         47        47       21
     TOTAL      632       632      192      SCORE: 121,344

        Condx much better than I expected from the WWV report, but 40 and 20
both went long very early. Still building station at new QTH. Including the
first 2 1/2 hours of the test. (Wind chill -15) Sure blows your off
time/which bands when strategy :-) Didn't get to 20 and 40 before they went
long, afraid to miss 15/10. No real 80 mtr antenna yet.
        Told myself I WAS going to overcome my aversion to asking people to
QSY. This is a strange thing I can't quite figure out. I don't mind moving
myself, but I just hate to impose on others I guess. So the 2nd time I ask
for a QSY, it turned into a long hassle with QRM and it never does happen.
Just couldn't bring myself to do it after that. Cost me dearly too. Missed
moving a lot of easy mults like DE, SC, KP4.
        Sort of a highlight: Had an EU pileup last 15 minutes on 160. This=
150 watts. Guess the N4KG system is working.=20
        Congrats to Daniel, KC6CNV, who said "operating from my home=
With a signal like that, Daniel, believe me, you don't need to go anywhere!=

Current antennas: 10/15/20:  KT34XA @ 100 / 20 mtr dipole @ 35
                        40:  40-2CD @ 115 / rectangular vertical loop
                        80:  Carolina Windom 160 @ 90=20
                       160:  N4KG tower feed system / CW 160
        The middle XA of a 3 stack is on the tower @ 70 ft, but didn't get
the stackmatch/phasing lines hooked up. The time allocated for that (and
more, tnx to the cold/wind) was spent untangling the 160 windom from the
lower XA. Had to get that done or no 80 mtr antenna at all :-)=20
        While my score is no great shakes, K3MM STOMPED me as usual :-), it
is the best I've ever done in NAQP. And I'd like to say thanks to K3MQH for
helping me wrestle the 24 ft mast in. The rest I've done alone since the
begining of Nov. (I used to work for a guy named Mike Williams, the best
mechanical mind I've ever met. He had a saying "where there's a Williams,
there's a Wayems". I've said that to myself 1k times in the last couple
months!) And thanks N6CQ for the loan of a lot of tower equipment!

             And thanks to everyone, for a very enjoyable NAQP as always!


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