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Stephen Merchant merchant at
Sun Jan 12 13:06:54 EST 1997

Apologies for inadvertant use of the dread Attachment in my previous
posting.  Bill asked that I re-send this.

NA QSO Party 11-12 Jan 97

K6AW operating from N6RO

Band            Q               M

160              10              9             Dipole <needs work>
 80             123             39             4 el wire yagi and 2 el quad
@ 110'   
 40             197             46             4/4
 20             182             46             5/5
 15             130             37             6/6/6
 10               8              4                6/6/  <under construction>

                650             181            117650

Gear:  Radio One:  FT1000MP   Radio Two:  IC-756 <the new one>
          TR v5.95

Team:  SCCC #1

Soapbox:  What a pleasure to be able to operate this contest again using Real 
Antennas <tm>.  Conditions seemed pretty good from here, although 10m was 
terrible.  I had a lot of cq-ing in my face from the southern stations.  Also I
had major problems with the 160m dipole <sorry N6NT for the weird Q>, which
caused me 
to stay on 80/40 and no doubt cost a lot of points.

This was my first foray into 2-radio operating, so naturally I had to use a 
brand new radio, the Icom 756.  W6OTC asked me to use it in the test since he's 
doing some evaluations for Icom.  I only had a 250hz second if filter for it, 
but it performed VERY well.  The dsp is simple and effective.  I'll do a 
separate note with details.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's and for the great turnout -- I worked guys I 
thought had gone into stamp collecting, they have been off the air so long!  
Decoding the new calls was fun, using TR's old call feature.

Congratulations to Bill and Jeff, and esp. to those folks in the West who
did well -- K6LL, KC6CNV, K6LA.

Special thanks to Ken and Jean for their fine hospitality at Radio Oakley.

See everyone next weekend.

73, Steve K6AW           

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