N2NC (@N2NT) NAQP CW results

John John
Sun Jan 12 23:52:43 EST 1997

Well... throw a little e-skip into this contest and what a blast!

     band      QSOs     points    mults
     160         73        73       28
      80        196       196       44
      40        217       217       47
      20        222       222       43
      15         97        97       36
      10         69        69       29
     TOTAL      874       874      227      SCORE: 198,398

Wasn't going to operate this one, but an unexpected 3-4" of snow friday
night changed my original plans for saturday.  I asked N2NT if I could
come over and operate about 4 hours before the contest started.  He said
yes, but warned that if I wanted to do the two radio thing I might have
trouble getting things set up in time.  

Well, I didn't do too bad, first QSO was in the log at 1836Z.  Had a blast
chasing the e-skip around on the high bands.  I think 15 and 10 were open
till very late in the evening, just no activity.

After seeing Tyler's (K3MM) breakdown looks like I missed quite a few
mults by not pushing on 160 at the end.  Oh well, I gotta screw up

Wouldn't it be great if every NAQP had conditions like this?

Thanks to N2NT for letting me operate with such short notice.


John N2NC

John R. Golomb <kz2s at exit109.com>

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