KO7X - Dogbert Multiop in Utah

Alan A. Brubaker alan at es.com
Mon Jan 13 10:49:14 EST 1997

KO7X operated by W7CT (40 and 15) and KO7X (the rest).

160   80   40   20   15   10   T
 84  198  275  302   26    0   885  (unduped)
 34   43   46   45   15    0   183  Domestic Multipliers
  0    0    0    1    1    0     2  DX Multipliers

158,360  Claimed score.

Not so impressive as the big-time multis, but we hung
in there through an incredible blizzard Saturday evening
just as 80 meters was opening up. S9+ snow static forced
the use of the EWE on 80, but 40 was not as affected.

Why Dogbert? Don't look at me - it was Jim's idea. We
elected not to use Al since we had both Jim and Alan. I
suggested Ed (the shortest name in contesting), but Jim
didn't like it. I suggested Zed (appropriate), but Jim
didn't like it. I suggested Zero (also appropriate), but
Jim didn't like it. Jim suggested Dogbert, but I didn't
like it, but finally knuckled under after reading the
Dilbert comic strip a few weeks ago where Dogbert is
dispensing invaluable technical support over the phone.
I said, "we are going to have trouble with this - we will
have a million requests for repeats on the name". Jim said,
"so what?". Sure enough, many people had trouble getting
Dogbert through the QRM/QRN/QRP sounding signals from the
western black hole. But to their credit, many people did
get it and some even made a comment on the name.

The station arrangement at the Rancho Costa Mucho dictated
that the second station be dedicated to 40 meters (a 3 element
wire beam has a separate feedline). All other antennas at the
RCM share a common feedline with a coaxial switch except for
a 40 meter ground plane which does not perform as well as the
beam. Jim operated 40 meters most of the time with occasional
10 minute forays to a nearly dead 15 meter band. As you can see
I operated mostly 20 meters during the day, and 80 and 160 after
sunset. Not a peep on 10 meters.

Station 1:  FT1000, 4 el 10, 3 el 15, 3 el 20, 1/4 wave sloper 80,
            inv vee 160.

Station 2:  TS930, 3 el wire yagi 40.

CU on SSB.

Alan, KO7X

alan at es.com

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