K4RO NAQP CW Score & Comments

K4RO - Kirk Pickering k4ro at music-city.tdec.state.tn.us
Mon Jan 13 21:03:58 EST 1997

 CW NAQP SUMMARY SHEET         Contest Dates : 11-Jan-97, 12-Jan-97
 Callsign Used : K4RO          Operator : K4RO
 Category : Single Operator    Default Exchange : KIRK TN

 Team/Club : Tennesse Contest Group Team #1             Station:
                                                        IC-761 , 75A-4
   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults        TR-Log 5.95
 __________________________________________________     LTA RBC-1  

  160CW       94          92         92      35     Sloping 1/4 wave vertical
   80CW      179         176        176      42     Half sloper @ 70'   
   40CW      234         234        234      48     Boom of PRO-57 omega match
   20CW      133         133        132      41     PRO-57A @ 98'
   15CW       60          60         60      20      "     "
   10CW       18          18         18       7      "     "
 __________________________________________________  Discone @ 80' for 75A-4
                                                     (to check for openings)
 Totals      718         713        712     193 

    Final Score = 137,416 points.

I was really fired up for this contest.  I think it has become my
favorite.  Non-stop action from start to end.  Great participation
from the Tennessee Contest Group pushed the motivation up another 6 dB.

10 and 15 sounded dead before the contest, but both opened up well.
I guess once folks started moving mults there, things really got going.
Looks like I should have spent more time there, based on other middle TN
scores.  Enjoyed some of the best rates I've ever had.  80m produced back
to back 93 & 94 hours which was about as much fun as I've had in a contest.
Forty was cruisin' too.  Had several 4-QSO minutes.

The new call feels like it's worth 6 dB.  All the new Contester Calls
really helped to crank up the action as well, I think.  It was fun to
try to figure out 'who was who' on the fly.

The station worked flawlessly.  Automatic antenna selection and
fully-integrated TR-Log software make this contest a real blast!
Need to start moving people when the rate slows a bit.

Worked 42 stations on 15 meters before I realized I was listening on
the Beverage.  Things were drying up quickly, then (click... boom!.)
Gotta make up some kind of blinking indicator for the Beverage switch.

Wasted 5 min in a battle over 7032.5 with N5DU.  I'd been running there 
for over an hour, and it was a hot freq.  After I "won" the battle, I made 
one more QSO and then took a break.  What a waste of time & energy.  Had to
fight a few other times to keep a good run frequency, but not too much.

Most interesting names were CYCLOPS & DOGBERT.  Very surprised to NOT
hear DILBERT. :-)

Nice to hear some hard core DXer callsigns in a NA contest (N4KG, NN4T)
Hope to see you guys again in the NA contests.

It was a blast.  Thanks for the QSOs.     73  -Kirk  K4RO

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