Winning "Group" Score?/Miami Hamboree

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Tue Jan 14 21:01:20 EST 1997

Congratulations to the Tennessee Contest Group on a great team score, beating
what the ncj web site shows as the old record team score by Team Quatro
w/778,780 points.....(if you dunno, this record collection is on the web at:

Team Quatro was pre-Florida Contest Group and contained 2 Georgians and 3 of those Georgians appears to have cleaned all our clocks
this time!  One of the team quatro members was on Florida Contest Group Team
1 this past weekend, WC4E. 

Good news is that after some quick math it appears the Team record has indeed
been at least two clubs.
Any time records are broken I feel it bodes well for contesting overall.  Any
other big team scores out there to humble us "groups"?

Sorry, Tennessee but it looks like The Florida Contest Group has beaten your
record breaking score...not by much - but, we will all see what K6ZZ will
tell of in his writeup later this year.

Florida Contest Group

N4BP     191,744      896 X 214
K4OJ     187,620       795 X 236
KN4T      163,314      774 X 211
WC4E      163,229      781 X 209
WD4AHZ    92,382       519 X 178

Florida Contest Group Total:  798,289        

(Tennessee Contest Group: 782,843)

Congratulations to all the Floida Contest Group members for their
accomplishments this past weekend - including N4BP who again reminds me there
is no need for me to worry about my age, :-) - bob broke the FL record held
by K4XS (Bill threatens he will come back and play contests with us by this

On behalf of the Florida Contest Group I hereby invite anyone interested to
come join us in our celebration of our team record smashing NAQP CW
performance at the Pizza Loft in Miami, on Saturday Night of the Miami
Hamboree 2/1/97.  Last years pizza fest was a blast (some beer was there so I
guess it somewhat a beer blast!) - we hope to repeat this year....c'mon down
- a variety of pies will be had, including ANCHOVIE!  Look for us at the
hamfest for details.


Jim, K4OJ
President, Florida Contest Group

Florida - where your towers can be climbed year round.  Are you a Florida ham
interested in contesting - please e-mail me at  k4oj at

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