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Sun Jan 19 10:02:56 EST 1997

1997 January NAQP SSB

Call:  K7UP

Op: W5FX

Exchange:  Mike, New Mexico

Hours: 10

Band                        QSO's                      Mults

160                             52                              21
  80                           149                              40
  40                           281                              43
  20                           373                              51
  15                             87                              22
  10                               1                                1

TOTALS                     943                             178

SCORE:  167,854                       


Got started at 1830Z when the battery on the car went south and I was late
arriving at K7UP's!! The shape of things to come!!

15 meters seemed promising for the first 30 minutes or so....but quickly took
a nose dive.  20 turned out to be the most productive band with good quiet
conditions to the east coast and midwest.  Rate counter on NA frequently at
250+.  Move on to 40 when 20 started to dive.  Rates continued OK on 40, but
it was the move to 80 (and later 160) that ate my lunch, with consistent S9+
noise.  Had several call me on 40 later on commenting that they heard my CQ's
on 160....but I just couldn't hear them!!
Sorry!!  Rates took a plummet on the low bands, but a "last-minute" flurry
toward the last half hour brought the score up over 160,000.

A fun contest as always.  My thanks to John, K7UP for the use of his fine

73,  Mike W5FX

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