Ronald D Rossi rrossi at btv.ibm.com
Mon Jan 20 14:01:36 EST 1997

                              NA QSO SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 18-Jan-97, 19-Jan-97

    Callsign Used : KK1L
         Operator : KK1L

         Category : SO

 Default Exchange : RON VT

             Name : Ronald D. Rossi
          Address : RR1 Box 1543
   City/State/Zip : Swanton, VT  05488-9713
          Country : United States

        Team/Club : Green Mountain Boys

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Time On
                                                   18:00 to 22:44 = 4:44
  160SSB       9           9          9       9    23:32 to 02:48 = 3:16
   80SSB     163         163        163      44    03:36 to 05:31 = 1:55
   40SSB      92          92         92      30                     ----
   20SSB     108         108        108      34                     9:55
   15SSB      77          77         77      25    (10 hours wall clock)
   10SSB       3           3          3       3 

 Totals      452         452        452     145 

    Final Score = 65540 points.

I have to publically thank an anonymous local ham (does this make sense??) for 
getting me back to capacity just before the contest. I was in need of a 
doorknob capacitor to replace one I blew on the Butternut vertical playing 
with the new amp the previous Sunday. You can't fix arcing transmit caps is 
the bottom line. I spent some cold hours tuning the antenna after thinking I 
might have fixed things. Replacing the cap and retuning was the ticket and I 
did with 45 minutes to spare in the two hours before the contest. Thanks Mike!!

Well I was hoping to join the 100K club this time around, but it din't happen. 
Not as good as August's score, but the operation felt better. I gave up on my 
160m system very early. Very weak signal from the short top loaded vertical 
with only six radials was (is) the problem. After 80m slows a bit I run out to 
the base of the 80m dipole and flick a wafer switch to convert the beast into 
a [lousy] vertical. My 80m contacts then are made on my Butternut. This is 
fine for >1000 mile 80m and backyard 160m (at this point). 9 contacts (all 
mults) in 26 minutes was BARELY worth it. I ran back out and switched back to 
the productive dipole on 80m with occasional checks of 40m with the Butternut. 
When I build the tuner for use with the amp, I will make sure it will handle 
the 80m dipole on 160m and see what gives with that. Thanks for the patience 
of those that worked me and tried to work me.

I moved and let move for the most part this time. That's what got the few 10m 
Qs. The first of course was a strong local VT that was probably on for VK0IR. 
40m really did go to H-E double hockey sticks in a hurry. I did 188 x 47 on 
40m in August. BC seemed as bad as I have ever heard.

CU during the Feb phone sprint. I'd try the CW sprint, but my bust rate is 
plenty high for CW as it is!! I'll be on for the Vermont (New England) QSO 
Party before and after the phone sprint.

73 de KK1L ex N1PBT...ron (rrossi at btv.ibm.com) <><
Ron Rossi H/P SRAM Engineering -- IBM Microelectronics

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