Paul E. Knupke Jr. KR4YL knupke at
Mon Jan 20 15:00:03 EST 1997

In short: 135Q X 67M = 9,054 points
Team: Florida Contest Group (not sure if WC4E put me on team 1 or 2)

Rig: HW 101 (No 160 meters)
Ant: G5RV (peak at 20 feet with one leg flat N-S and one leg slopped E-W)

Had a lot of fun.  Started on 15, found N9ITX/7 alone and worked Joe
easily.  Then went to 20 and fumbed around for a few hours working as many
people as I could hear.  Went back to 15 to see if I could find some more
Q's ... 2 more, including K6LL (no matter what test I work, I can always
count on an AZ mult.)

I went to 40 a bit and pulled in some closer in mults (GA, AL, TN etc.)
Then back to 20 until it died.  The rest of the evening I went back and
forth between 40 and 80.  I never can run with my station on 20 or 15 but
I was able to run on 40 and 75.     

I do resonably well on 40 and 75 at home ... 

Worked some of the FCG gang (WC4E, KN4T) at the end.  Heard N4BP but
couldn't get through.  Didn't hear K4VUD until the end on 3830.    

I need a newer rig and tribander if I'm going to ever compete worth a
darn!  Though not having to compete with KW stations really is nice.  

NAQP is one of my favorite tests ... most everyone is very friendly and I
really like the name exchange.  Sure beats 59(9) and a QTH.

See ya'll on Sprints.... 

73 Paul

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