160 CW AA4V Multi-Op

Stephen Reichlyn ryansci at InfoAve.Net
Mon Jan 27 13:56:55 EST 1997

>      Call: AA4V                     Country:  United States
>      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single
>     Totals    710             57      43    =   201,500
>Operator List: Steve, AA4V and Gay, N4SF   
>Equipment Description:  Yaesu FT1000D, Alpha 76P, Timewave 59Y DSP

Club Affiliation: CDXA (Carolinas DX Association)
>Antennas: transmit: inverted-L mounted on the end a 150 foot long dock, ground
 system in 1-10 feet of salt water (depending on the tide). Receiving: the L,
2 short unterminated beverages (ICE preamp w/bandpass filter and BC band
higpass in series) and  a rotatable home-brew coaxial loop (ala the handbook).

We knew, mid-Friday afternoon, that the first night of the contest would
probably NOT ne too much fun. Although the sun was shining brightly on our
little island, 3 miles off the coast, the static crashes on 160 were 20-30/9
and BUILDING. As it grew darker, and the contest started at 2200Z, it was
nearly impossible to hear any signal less than 20/9. By 0Z, we could look
out the window toward the mainland and see the lightning from the huge
Thnderstorms that kept up all night. By 0400Z, the rain started and didn't
let up until morning. All through the night we had many, many calling but,
due to the QRN, we were only able to pull 325 contacts out by morning. It
must have seemed to anyone that we real alligators (all mouth and no ears).
The only real DX worked were in the caribbean, KH6CC and very few Eu's and
W6/7s. I had high hopes that the Timewave DSP's random noise algorithm would
have helped with the QRN...ha! 

When we went back to the shack in the afternoon, the QRN was still there but
had abatted somewhat. Even thought the storn had moved far to the east, it
never really quieted down until Sunday night. On Friday night, the loop was
the receiving antenna of choice..too much QRN on others. On Saturday night,
the L was the best. The beverages were a dead loss all week-end.

Saturday night was much better that Friday night. The combination of
somewhat lower QRN along with somewhat better conditions made for a much
more enjoyable time. After all was said and done, we did accomplish several
firsts for us (Gay and I have operated this and many other contests together
for over 25 years):

1. First time over 200,000 points

2. First time for 100 mults

3. First JAs worked within the contest period 

Thanks to all for the contacts, especially those who hung in on Friday night
and the many European stations who called us on our frequency. CU in the
phone test in February.  73  AA4V and N4SF


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