Jim Stahl k8mr at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jan 29 23:34:40 EST 1997

CQ 160 CW  -  K8MR  -  s/o LP   -   Ohio

    272 QSOS     58 mult     37,352

At a fall clambake I had a question about potential garage door-I from the
host, who lives at least a quarter mile away. I played semi dumb without
totally denying any possibility (my own non-digital door opener 30 feet away
has not been a problem since I added bypass capacitors across the receiver
power and switch terminals).  Not wanting to be bothered by any questions
arising from a part time effort, I ran barefoot.  It probably resulted in my
hearing ability more closely matching my being heard ability.

VHF SS  -  K8MR   -   Single Op   -  EN-91   -   Ohio

     50       88    27
    144      137    27
    222       28    14
    432       63    20
             316    88    35,816

    Had a couple of brief but decent Es openings, to CO Saturday night and to
northeastern New England Sunday afternoon.  I struggled with major line
noise on 6 most of the contest; it eased a bit the last few hours, and with
a bit of rain in the few days afterward it has basically disappeared, making
it impossible to find and fix.  The WA8BCA effort at K8III's place 10 miles
east of me also proved a challenge for the front end of my TR-6.  The higher
bands were pretty flat.

Jim Stahl   K8MR     k8mr at worldnet.att.net

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