[3830] N4BP FD 1A, Guano Reef Bashful Perverts

Bob Patten n4bp at shadow.net
Tue Jul 1 16:46:26 EDT 1997

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N4BP   QRP	 1A	SFL	7820	  673	    58		   731

Pervert List: N4JBW, W4OVU, WD4JNS, WV5Z,  DL5OBZ, N4BP
              Mitch, Bruce, Julio,  Kevin, Markus, head pervert        
Location: Fiesta Key on Long Key, FL (alias Guano Reef) at mm70

Stations: 	HF:  TS-130V and "ugly vertical" on sea wall.
	       VHF:  TM-241A for 2M FM and packet  (0 QSOs!)
		     Yaesu 6M SSB & CW

Two 110 A/H solar charged batteries to run each station.

Julio, WD4JNS came down with bronchitis just before the weekend, but 
loaded up his van with gear and food before collapsing in bed.  Bruce, 
W4OVU drove the van down for him.  Mitch, N4JBW filled in for Julio as chief 
cook and fed us royally.  During the weekend, not a drop of rain, not a 
single mosquito, but temps (and humidity) in the 90's - it was HOT!

Only two minor equipment malfunctions:  My MFJ DVK developed an 
intermittant from the start causing us to abandon the idea of a beacon CQ 
on 6M.  We wasted time trying to make QSOs on 6M with my 3 el Yagi before 
we discovered that Bruce's home made quad had it beat by at least 20db - 
might have been the 1000 feet or so of coax though. :-(  We were able to 
make several packet connections with nodes up and down the Keys, but 
couldn't find a "human" to make a FD exchange with us.  There were also 
no 2M FM sigs to be heard except for various repeaters...	

The HF setup worked flawlessly although condx were terrible at the 
start.  We made up a lot of ground though on Saturday night and Sunday.  
Our plans for a 5/8 wave 40M vertical were dashed by the lack of wind to 
hold up our parafoil - leaving us with the ugly vertical topped with a 
Hustler 40M mobile resonator.  But, surprisingly, we could hold a freq on 
40M and had runs close to 60 per hour.
On Sunday, at one point, I was able to hold NA's rate meter at 96/hr for 
several minutes.  The three HF ops (N4BP, WV5Z, DL5OBZ) all have very 
differing operating techniques, but rates were quite comparable.  When 
Markus, DL5OBZ learns to copy direct to keyboard (instead of first 
writing the calls on paper) he will be a killer contester!

We set up before the contest and so were limited to 24 hours of 
operating.  Actually, I planned it that way since I had to work overnight 
Sunday - that was one tough night at the TV station.  I had brought a 
half gallon of ice cream for a quick "victory celebration" but 
conveniently forgot it until after we left Guano Reef.  Bruce, Kevin, and 
I pulled into a Burger King on Marathon Key and ordered drinks to go with 
our three way split of the trophy!  Markus and friend came to the house 
Monday noon to return my tent and so got to share what was left.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot of the details, but wanted to get this 
posted while it was reasonably fresh in my mind.  My sincere thanks to 
all my assistant perverts who did a fantastic job!

Bob Patten, N4BP                       Plantation, FL
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