[3830] WB4NJV Field Day Score

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Mon Jul 7 16:22:25 EDT 1997

Field Day score for the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club, WB4NJV

Call            Class      Sect       Score          CW QSO's        SSB
QSO's       Total QSO's

WB4NJV     2A        SFL       7380
1162                    861                    2023

Had a GREAT time with Field Day this year.  For almost half of our
operators, this was their first Field Day/contest experience!!  One
operator actually got his callsign Friday night ... less than 24 hours
later, he was running 'em on 20!!  What a thrill!

Antennas consisted of 2 tri-banders at 30 feet, phased verticals for 40,
a half-wave 80 meter vertical (suspended by a weather balloon!),
Beverage for receive on 40/80, vertical for Novice/Tech station, 11
element 2 meter beam, and 3 element 6 meter beam (designed and built by
K1TO & WC4E Friday night, using 20 meter mono-band yagi parts!).  No
"Murphy", and despite rain, lightning and thunder 360 degrees around us,
not a drop fell on our site!

Already looking forward to next year!

Trustee  WB4NJV
President, SERC


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