[3830] JH9VSF/9 JARL 6m&down Contest

kony at iodata.co.jp kony at iodata.co.jp
Tue Jul 8 11:15:50 EDT 1997

Hi . Everyone. 

JARL 6m&down contest  July 6  21:00 JST -7 15:00 JST

6m band  Single OP /MIX Mode.

Call: JH9VSF/9  QTH:Ishikawa Prif   Mt. IO-ZEN  789m high above sea level.

ANT: 5ele Yagi  Output 50W.

  153 QSO  x 36 Multi = 5508 points

  No Open to JA8&JA6 Area this year.

My test posting. 



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