[3830] W1TQ 3A FD Score

KEN CARUSO Ken_Caruso at compuserve.com
Tue Jul 8 00:41:25 EDT 1997

                                  CW       SSB   = TOTAL

W1TQ    3A     EMA     9882       1646    1099     2745

 Judging by some of the other comments it looks like
the Northeast missed out on any significant 10M
opennings. We also got slaughtered on 40SSB and really
can't put our fingers on why (OK, so transmitting into
the 80M dipole for about 30 min didn't help). 
It sounded like the rest of the country was enjoying
pretty good rates. A whopping 36Qs for us.

 A super effort by our Novice/Tech team with 76Qs
(7 CW on 40) using N1VLT. This was the highlight of
FD weekend and their enthusiasm was contagious. We
placed them under the bigtop tent so everyone could
watch, listen and cheer. Ever hear a Novice CW pileup? 

 Outstanding weather, not a single drop of precip.

 Ken Caruso
 BARS FD Chairman
 Ken_Caruso at compuserve.com

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