[3830] MFJ-432 OWNERS

Stavros Tsiakouris tziaka at platon.cytanet.com.cy
Wed Jul 9 18:37:24 EDT 1997

Dear fellow contesters,

I have a problem with my newly acquired MFJ-432. (Hopefuly I will be using
it in the IARU HF contest this weeknd).

I have revision 2, PCB P/N 862-0432 version of this voice keyer.

Although the initial settings (default for KENWOOD tx/rx) operate the keyer
OK with my Kenwood tx/rx I have a problem when I change the jumper setting
to match the YAESU requirements. The keyer will activate the PTT of my
1000MP but no RF is being sent. 

Any suggestions for the possible failure with the YAESU ?


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