[3830] W1HIJ--IARU 97

William Scholz w1hij at contesting.com
Sun Jul 13 11:58:09 EDT 1997

W1HIJ, Single Op, CW Only, 100 Watts, 9 Hours

Call             PWR    Score        Q's      Pts     Zones     Mults
W1HIJ     100W     42600       264     852       34            16

Station is a TS-940S feeding a dipole on 40 and 2 dipoles on 20. Interfaced
computer running TRLog V6.05. No difficulties except for serious RF getting
into computer when I tried to operate on 80. But nothing broke....

Essentially 2 band operation (20 and 40). Could only be on for 2 hours at
start of test and then beginning about 2300Z on (1600 local). Managed a
total of 9 hours before the body gave up. My plan was to stay up for as long
as possible through the night. It had been a long week and I only managed to
get to 0100 local. I decided to snatch a couple of hours sleep and then get
back on the for last two hours in the hopes of picking up significant Asians
on 20 and 40. However---I managed to sleep right through the alarm when it
went off at 0330---sigh!

(Gotta do something about this negative impact that work has on my
contesting availability!)

Anyway---met my goal of bettering 250 Q's and just made the goal of 50
mults. It was my first IARU test and was great to hear lots of activity....

The accomplishment I'm really satisfied with is the fact that I managed the
same number of Q's in half the time compared with CW SS in November, which
was my first contest in 25 years. So the learningcurve is going in the right

Thanks to everyone around the world for their good ears!!

73, Bill, W1HIJ

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