[3830] W5HVV IARU Scores & Comments

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at aeneas.net
Sun Jul 13 23:50:46 EDT 1997

                            IARU HF CHAMPIONSHIP

Call: W5HVV     Op:W5HVV    Mode: SSB Only

Hours: Approx. 21 at console

Band     QSOs     Points     Mults     Zones     HQ's

160        0         0         0         0        0
 80       63       125        14         9        5
 40      165       443        30        19       11
 20      708      1836        48        32       16
 15       16        38         8         6        2
 10        0         0         0         0        0
Total    952      2442       100        66       34

Total Score = 2,442 points times 100 multipliers = 244,200


I was disappointed with my inability to make my goal of at least
1000 Q's.  However,  On the plus side, I had one whale of a good
time.  Everyone was extremely courteous and genuinely friendly.
It was a real pleasure and privilege to work with such great
people on the air.

Conditions were incredibly poor on 15; 10 was non-existent.  20
certainly tried to make up for it, tho.  Rain static and lightning
crashes were S7-S8+ on 40 for a good portion of the night and up to
as high as 20 over S9 on 80.  I never was able to copy some of the
South American stations calling me.  Because of the local storms,
my outgoing signal was heard much better than my incoming signals.

Equipment worked flawlessly.  Equipment used was TS-940S/AT into
an AL-1500 to an 80 meter delta loop (apex at 120'), a 40-2CD at
140', a TH7DXX at 132'.  The 160 meter sloper became obstinate
and would not work at all... not sure the problem.


The peak thrill came when the Slovakian or Czech Headquarters
station (can't remember which) told me I was 40 over 9 on 40 SSB
...... which shows that the equipment was not at fault for my
semi-disappointing results: it had to be operator malfunction
and incompetence aggravated by old age!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure wish I could knock off about 45 years of my age and be back
in the pink of ability to go for 48 hours straight in a contest
and then go out with the wife and get tighter'n a tick during
supper like I used to.  Can't complain, though: the Gods have been
most benificient to me..... they brought me Ham Radio and have
given me 45 years of wonderful activity on the air.

Rod, W5HVV

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