[3830] KW9KW IARU Score

David C. Patton mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
Mon Jul 14 09:57:37 EDT 1997

Fun contest as usual.  One can expect a few great openings and a few
slow hours.  Lots of S.Am activity on the low bands including
probably my best multiplier pass ever:  Found EM1HO in Antarctica's
Zone 73 on 80 CW (wasn't new believe it or not because I also worked
VP8CTR) and moved him to 40.  From 40 we went to 160!  Nice to have
those winter condx in the southern hemisphere!

Ten only had a very short Eskip episode to W1/VE3 so ended up without
the 300 or so QSOs usually found on 10.  40, while open, was very
difficult thanks to the high atmosperice noise and Tstorm activity.

KW9KW single op both modes:

160   28-11
80   190-31
40   390-45
20   993-65
15   212-33
10    25- 4
    1838-189 = 1.305M

73, Dave, KW9KW at contesting.com

operated from K4VX

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