[3830] K4RO IARU CW Only Score

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at music-city.tdec.state.tn.us
Mon Jul 14 13:02:43 EDT 1997

                           IARU SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 12-Jul-97, 13-Jul-97         Operator : K4RO

    Category : Single Op CW Only            Callsign Used : K4RO

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Zones     IC-761
 ________________________________________________________    AL-811 (500w)
                                                             TR-Log 6.05
  160CW        2           2          2       2         0    1/4 wl GP
   80CW       71          69        149       3         8    half-sloper
   40CW      454         441       1241      15        26    boom of PRO-57
   20CW      675         646       2296      13        29    PRO-57A @ 98'
   15CW       44          43        123       6        14     "   "
   10CW        2           2          2       1         1     "   "

 Totals     1248        1203       3813      40        78

    Final Score = 449,934 points.

My first IARU contest (not counting working the WRTC folks last 
year.)  I had a blast.  Most everything went wrong at K4RO in the 
WPX, and most everything went right in this one.  Should have paid 
more attention to some of the easy zone mults on 10 & 160.  I had 
an attitude of pure fun for this one.  All I did was read the rules.
Didn't look at any scores from previous years, no goals, no band 
plan, just a desire to have fun and follow the rate wherever it took
me.  I had no idea what a good or bad score was and didn't worry 
about how the competition was doing.  Wound up having a great time, 
and operated the entire contest.  Conditions were OK, and the QRN
level was surprisingly low.  Surprised that most hostile frequency
takeover attempts I experienced were from the HQ stations.  Still, 
mostly courteous  and efficient operating heard all around.  Nice easy
quick exchange, DX & domestic rate fun; I'll be back again for IARU.

Thanks for the QSO's!   73,  -Kirk  K4RO

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