[3830] IARU HF Scores: W0EEE multi-op, both modes

w0eee at umr.edu w0eee at umr.edu
Mon Jul 14 21:35:47 EDT 1997

University of Missouri-Rolla ARC

Call Used:  W0EEE	ITU Zone:	7
State:	    MO	        Class:  Multioperator (CW and Phone)

Operators:  N0ZSE, KB0LYI

		QSO's		Points		Multipliers
40 meters	28          	  82		    5
20 meters	74		 200		   13
Total:         102               282               18

Score:  5,076

Rig:        Icom 735 running 100 watts
Antenna:    G5RV
Hours On:   9 hrs 20 minutes

Thank Goodness that by next year our club station will have moved to our 
permanent home in the Electrical Engineering building along with our 68 
foot tall tower and antenna array!!  The club for the past two years has 
suffered with a G5RV that do to space constraints is located to close to 
the roof.  We purchased it because it was cheap, but looking back we 
should have shelled out more money for a temporary vertical.  Our amp 
works, but the temp shack is only wired for about 15 to 20 amp service.  
And to top everything off, the air conditioning wasn't on so temperatures 
during the contest rose into the mid 90's.  I've been involved with field 
days which were cooler.    

But besides these problems we were still impressed to work half of 
Europe including a few SSB contacts and will be back on the bands next 
year WITH MORE POWER!!! :)

73's de N0ZSE
University of Missouri-Rolla ARC (W0EEE)

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