[3830] IARU - K4MA - SO Mixed - High Power

Jim Stevens k4ma at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 15 00:56:21 EDT 1997


    Callsign Used : K4MA
         Operator : K4MA
     Station Used : K4HA

         Category : Single Op - Mixed Mode

 Default Exchange : 59(9) 8

        Team/Club : PVRC

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Zones

  160CW       16          16         24       2         4
   80CW       50          50         98       1         0
   80SSB     121         121        263       5        14
   40CW      200         200        620       8        11
   40SSB      75          75        179       8         6
   20CW      300         300       1154       7         6
   20SSB     503         503       1745      16        21
   15CW       10          10         30       0         2
   15SSB      27          27         59       3         6

 Totals     1302        1302       4172      50        70

 Final Score = 500640 points

Operated at K4HA, thanks Bob.  Equipment was a FT1000MP
and L7 amp into a Pro 57 at 70 feet, inv Vs for 40 & 80,
and inv L for 160.

Started about 5 minutes late.  Was messing with my new,
fancy ThinkPad trying to get it to talk to the 1000MP
via its serial port.  Finally gave up and used Bob's
old ThinkPad.  One of these days I will finally learn
to test everything before the start of the contest.

Conditions were both disappointing compared to last
year and surprising at times.  20M was real good to
Europe late which I guess is kinda normal summer
propogation.  I thought the low bands were in fairly
good shape given the time of year.  The noise level
here was low and signals in general were strong.  I
had several Europeans and far south South Americans
call me on 75M SSB when I was CQing.  Even 160M wasn't
bad except there were not many stations to work.  I
sure hope 160 is as good for the NAQPs next month.
W1AW/7 was very loud on TopBand.

Speaking of W1AW/7, I thought they did a great job.
I worked them on all bands except 10M and on both
modes on most bands.  But I did have one interesting
encounter with them.  During the 1900Z hour, I found
a clear freq at about 14.245 and starting calling CQ.
I had a guy on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico call
me.  He was testing a new antenna.  We chatted for a
minute, and I went back to CQing.  He stayed on freq
and started a sked with some other oil rig.  I got a
good run of EU going, so they weren't bothering me.
Later I heard W1AW/7 in the background obviously
pretty weak off the back of the beam.  He was CQing
too.  Well I just kept going and the Europeans kept
calling.  I never heard any loud stations answering
W1AW/7, but they kept CQing for 15 mins or more,
so I guess they were getting some callers that I
couldn't hear.  As it turns out the 1900Z hour was
my 2nd best rate hour in the contest despite all of
the background QRM.

Until the NAQPs ...

73, Jim Stevens, K4MA & 8P9JA

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