[3830] N0HF IARU Score

Dan Norman dnorman at niwot.scd.ucar.EDU
Tue Jul 15 11:57:12 EDT 1997

N0HF S/O mixed mode  -  IARU

Band    QSO's    Zones    HQ 
40       33        5      2
20       82       16      9
15        1        1      1
         116      21     12 => 14,058

Station Desc.
FT990          AL-811H amp. (800W)
TA33 @ 40'     Delta loop (40m)
CT v.9.26      386 laptop

Operated a couple of hours Saturday night, 20m was exceptional.
Had propogation from EU to JA all at once, it seemed DX sigs.
took over the band.  Getting called by UN8's, UT7's, UA9,0 etc.
was a thrill.  I made only a couple of SSB contacts, CW seemed
the best mode to operate.

Getting called by R1FJL and 5B4BBC on 40m.
No station troubles!

'73 Dan N0HF (ex. KJ1N)
dnorman at ucar.edu


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