[3830] FD N0HF 2A

Dan Norman dnorman at niwot.scd.ucar.EDU
Tue Jul 15 12:21:00 EDT 1997

Field Day 1997  Nederland, CO

Call    Class    Sect.   Score   CW   SSB   Total

N0HF     2A       CO     1784   187   318    505

Station 1:
TS850S  wire loop array, dipoles  CT v9.26

Station 2:
FT990  delta loop for 40m, DX88 vertical, CT v9.26

5kW gas generator (Rental City Special)

Operators:  Dan    N0HF
            Chris  N4VI
            Ed     N0LCS
            Greg   N0ZTO

Chris, N4VI was able to get a nice secluded lot off of
Caribou Road, just a little North of Nederland, CO.
We amazingly pulled this off with just a week of planning.
We had to haul gear in 500' from the road.  Spent Friday
afternoon installing wire antennas and the vertical. Saturday
am we put the final touches on the install and started
operating ~2pm local time. 
Had to break ~5:30 to cook dinner for all our families who
arrived hungry.  Mosquitoes drove them away early, so we
went back to the tent and operated until it got so cold
we had a tough time typing.  (At 9000' it gets rather cold
during Summer nights)  There was a decommissioned red caboose 
the owner had craned in at some point, made a great place
to get some sleep and let the kids climb on.
Had only 1 hour to break down camp, then it was off to fish
Brainard Lake with my brother-in-law.  Finished the
de-install on Wednesday.  All things considered, it was a really
fun contest and hope to make some improvements for next year.

'73 Dan N0HF (ex. KJ1N)
dnorman at ucar.edu


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