[3830] ZL6A IARU Score (HQ stn)

Wilbert Knol w.knol at niwa.cri.nz
Thu Jul 17 00:19:43 EDT 1997

              IARU HF Championship -- 1997

      Call: ZL6A                     Country:  New Zealand
                                     Category: HQ
                                     (multi op, -band, -mode, QRO)


      160        0        0     0.00      0      0
       80       11       45     4.09      8      0
       40      559     2649     4.74     37     16
       20      172      782     4.55     22      6
       15       36      164     4.56     11      3
       10        0        0     0.00      0      0

     Totals    778     3640     4.68     78     25

                 Score: 374,920 points

All reports sent were 59(9)NZART , unless otherwise noted.


Club Affiliation: Kiwi Contest Group, NZ Association of Radio 
Transmitters Inc.


NZART kindly allowed us to activate their HQ callsign. Contesting in 
the middle of winter during a solar minimum proved to be a different 
ball game as can be seen below.

10 never opened, with the exception of a couple of VKs who popped up 
in the middle of the beacon band for a few minutes, probably via
meteor scatter. Rob ZL2IN, our 10 m op, deserves a pat on the back 
for carting all his stuff in, placing endless CQ calls, and making 
not a single QSO on that band. 

15 was not much better. Normally our main band, even bread & butter 
contacts into the US and JA were few and far between. Interestingly, 
9A0HQ was heard for hours and hours around local midday, coming 
across the Pacific and the US, standing out on an empty band like a 
sore thumb. Also worked across the States were CT and SV. Other Eu 
were worked on the short path late (local) afternoon and early 

20 and 40 (our top scoring band first time ever) were best into the 
US, with some Eu as well. Tony ZL2AGY was smoking on 40, wrapped up 
like Father Christmas, headphones over the top of his woolly hat. 

The low bands were nice and quiet but we had trouble being heard, no 
doubt due to northern hemisphere QRN.

The slatted floor of the woolshed radio shack didn't do much to 
keep the cold out. On Sa night the outside temperture dropped well 
below 0 and in spite of 6 layers of clothing (amongst other things 2 
jerseys, overalls, a bush shirt and a balaclava) I still got 
chilled to the bone. At 3AM we both agreed we were nuts, so I tossed 
it in and shot off for a nap (having scraped the ice off the car 
windscreen with a milk bottle top). Tony carried on on 40, braving 
a horrible death by hypothermia.

In the end the result was somewhat less than impressive, prompting 
some quick thinking for excuses. It was pointed out that our Team was 
severely weakened by the absence of our top SSB ops, bed ridden with 
the dreaded flu. Those that weren't actually sick probably decided to 
develop the symptoms upon learning of the brass monkey stuff forcast 
for the weekend. Also, our 20 m beam had decided to go round the 
clock a few times, ripping out the coax feeder, which didn't improve
transmission line losses. 

Nevertheless, we still managed to have a good time. The 'work 
anything you hear' format is a winner, considering that there is 
not much to be heard during a solar low. Hope we helped you to the 
NZART multiplier. See you next year.

Wilbert, ZL2BSJ.

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