[3830] W1NVT FD Score

Mitchell Stern WB2JSJ at vbi.champlain.edu
Fri Jul 18 14:26:55 EDT 1997

     1997 FIELD DAY   W1NVT    Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont

     Section: VT   Category: 2A

     band     CW QSOS    SSB QSOS
      80        218         716
      40        418         122
      20        239         671
      15        100         127
       6          0          14
       2          1          32
       70c        1          12
       SAT        2          19
       PKT      106          --
       NOV        4          60
     total:    1089        1773     =  3951 qso points
                                    x     2 multiplier
                                    =  7902
                                    +  1200 bonuses
                                    =  9102 total points

Conditions on 20 meters, our bread and butter band, were
positively awful.  Everyone was weak and no one listened very
well with the result of people calling on top of each other all
day.  After several poor hours we made an early QSY to 80 meters
and ran excellent rates working the locals in the Northeast. 
Conditions were much better on Sunday morning with good hours on
40, 20 and even 15 meters helping to keep the SSB totals from
looking too bad.

The CW bands were more orderly and a rather constant rate was
held on all the bands.  The cw crew has worked together for a few
years and this familiarity certainly helped the score.

Novice 10 meter band was a no-show for most of the contest up at
our lattitude (44.5 degrees).

Besides the mediocre propagation, we were blessed with great
(although HOT) weather.  Certainly better than the monsoons of
last year.  We have learned that tents made of plastic, nylon or
other not-found-in-nature materials don't cut it on hot day. 
Operating from such tents was like attending a ham roast!  We'll
get out the old canvas tents more in the future!

73, Mitch W1SJ

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