K4ZW 10M SOHP Mixed

Claerbout, Ken k4zw at staffnet.com
Tue Dec 17 13:43:11 EST 1996

K4ZW Single OP, High Power, Mixed Mode

Mode	QSO's	Countries		States/Prov
CW	331	10		49
SSB	431	13		48

Total	762	23		97

Score:  262,320

     This was really a test of perseverance.  Not so much the conditions 
as it was with a flaky TS-940.  My intermittent VFO problem popped up 
Friday evening and continued until late Saturday afternoon.  I was 
about ready to throw in the towel when the problem cleared up.
     I guess I should have spent more time on CW but it didn't work out 
that way.  We had some pretty nice openings to the Midwest and West 
Coast Sunday.  I managed to work several F's and on G.  To the west I 
was called by VK4EMM, worked ZL2DX, ZK1DI, and AH8A.  Next 
year should be even more fun.

			73  Ken K4ZW

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