[3830] K3EST CQ WPX CW 97 M/M (Long)

Stephen Merchant merchant at silcom.com
Fri Jun 6 19:23:42 EDT 1997

    Band     QSOs     Pts    Pfx

    160       9       30      2
     80      262    1054     26
     40      766    3218    142
     20     1309    3116    440
     15      687    1379    220
     10       94      92     17

  TOTAL     3127    8889    847     7,528,983


    160    Dipole @ 120';FT990,AL80A -- AE0M, K6XX
     80    2el Quad @ 70',4 el wire yagi @ 100';TS930, pr 3-500Z -- KX7M
     40    4/4 @ 135/65'; FT1000MP, Alpha 76PA -- K6AW
     20    5/5 @ 130/50'; TS950SD, IC756, Alpha 76PA -- K3EST, W6RGG
     15    6/6/6 @ 135/90/45'; FT990, Alpha 76PA -- K2KW
     10    6/5/5 @ 100/67/33'; FT990, AL80A -- AE0M, K6XX

     Six computer network running TRLog v6.01 plus packet.

Apologies for letting this go so long -- NAQP writeup took priority.  Now to
try to remember any interesting WPX details... Nothing broke, the network was
perfect, and so was our packet connection <for a change>.

160 -- We didn't work this as hard as we did the phone contest and it showed.
 80 -- KX7M gave it a good go -- it seemed like conditions were not so great.
 40 -- A decent effort, not very much EU on Saturday evening, not lots of JA.
 20 -- As usual, the money band.  K3EST and W6RGG running and spotting for
       each other -- quite a show.  More EU on Sunday than we hoped for.
 15 -- K2KW looked at me at 0330 local Saturday morning and said
       "do you realize 15 is STILL open???"  This didn't produce tons of Q's
       but it was good for a lot of adrenaline.  Maybe someday propagation will
 10 -- The late May conditions were evident here, but AE0M produced some good
       numbers on this band.

I have shown only the main operator assigned to each band.  Thanks goes as well
to everyone on the team for filling in at various positions throughout the
contest -- I just can't remember who did what when.  K6XX in particular comes
over on Sunday morning and sort of fills in all the gaps for us -- tnx, Bob!

K2KW and AE0M have developed the foodservice operation into a thing of beauty
now -- we had grilled hamburgers, dogs and steaks throughout the weekend.  The
availability of real, hot food makes a tremendous difference to the ops.  Big
thanks to Kenny and Tony for doing this.

As always, thanks to Ken, N6RO and his lovely wife Jean for giving us the keys
to Radio Oakley.

Congrats to the K1KI gang on their big win, and to WR6AAA for doing his usual
bang-up job from W6GO.

Tnx for the Q's and see you in IARU.

73, Steve K6AW

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