[3830] OZ5W CQ WPX CW M/M 97

Chartec Laboratories A/S soeren_pedersen at chartec.dk
Mon Jun 9 10:49:34 EDT 1997

CQ WPX CW, may 97

Results for OZ5W, multi/multi.

Band   QSO   QSO-points   Prefix
 80m      306      748          48

 40m      580     1700        218

 20m     1147     2830        360

 15m      212      366         76

 10m     1        1          1
      2246      545        703

TOTAL 3.968.345

We had a nice relaxed and easy going contest, with time to do a lot of
other things during the contest.

No space for 160m this time (crops in the fields) and nearly no antenna
for 10m.

On sunday morning (1000 UTC) our 20m antenna suddenly had intermittent
high SWR. It turned out to be a poor connection on the gamma match on the
lower antenna.
We fixed it by connecting only the upper antenna (why do this alway
happends in a contest !).
On 40m we had a 2el. Cush-Craft 20m AGL which worked excellent compared
to the KLM.
We are planning a 3 el. full size for 40m which will hopefully be in
operation by fall 97.

CU in the next contest.....

PS. who logged OZ5W, or was it OZ5WQ ??? confused, we are !, we were
denied some prefixes due to dupe QSO. I'm sure they worked OZ5WQ and
logged OZ5W !

operators: OZ1KRF, OZ3W, OZ1FTU.

73 de OZ1FTU, Soeren

mailto:soeren_pedersen at chartec.dk

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