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 Directions to the Nashoba Valley Ski Area=0D
 From Rt 3:=0D
 Get on 495S travel approximately 6 miles to the=0D
 Boston Rd exit, Westford. Take a left at the end=0D
 of the ramp. Travel under 495 and take a right at=0D
 the Rt 110 intersection. Travel approximately 2=0D
 miles and take a left at Powers Rd. There will be=0D
 a minishopping plaza on your left consisting of=0D
 grey painted wooden buildings and a "Ye Olde Beef=0D
 and Ale" right at the intersection. Travel down=0D
 Powers Rd for approx 1 mile. The ski area is on=0D
 the right. Travel to the far end of the parking=0D
 lot, you will find us! Talk in on 147.12 Direct. =0D
 From 495N:=0D
 Take the Boston Rd, Westford exit. At the end of=0D
 the ramp take a right. Follow the directions above=0D
 starting at the Rt. 110 intersection.=0D
 The FD plan can be found at:=0D
 The Friday set up crew is looking downright great.=0D
 So far K1TWF, W1TQ, K1WD, KC1NN (possible),K1LJN,=0D
 myself will be setting up. If you are planning on=0D
 helping out Friday, meet us at the Ground Round in=0D
 Chelmsford (Junction of Rt110 and 495) at/around=0D
 8:00 in the morning. Otherwise meet us at the ski=0D
 area around 1:00 in the afternoon.=0D
 Hope to see you during Field Day weekend,=0D
 BARS FD Chairman=0D


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