[3830] RE: Hints & Kinks

Gus Samuelson gussam at newcomm.net
Sun May 4 02:25:36 EDT 1997

Mebbe this is not the proper forum for this topic,  however
I discovered a long time ago , there are loads of people out
there who will tell you where to go !!

Been a Kenwood user for years 820/830/930/430/530/950/680 etc.
IRI used to publish some great hints and kinks info/data most of which
I still have for the 930 I own. 
Now looking for any info available relative to 950SD which might assist
in curing some probs I have with an otherwise great machine.
Don't tell me where to go , tell me where to look.
Any Help appreciated.

73 Gus  VO1MP  

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