[3830] NN5ZZ Texas QSO Party SO/AB/HP Fixed

Don Butler ki3l at ix.netcom.com
Mon May 5 22:40:41 EDT 1997

     Call used: NN5ZZ                                        Location:
Brazoria County, Texas
     Category: Single Op All Band, Fixed, Texas         Mode: MIXED
Power: 900W
     Callsign of Operator: N5LZ  
     Exchanged Information: NN5ZZ RST BRAZORIA COUNTY 
     Hours of Operation: 20
     band   CW QSOs     CW pts   SSB QSOs    SSB pts
      40          8         24         52        104
      20         90        270       1309       2618
      15          2          6          3          6
      TOTAL     100        300       1364       2728
	1464 QSOS
	115 Mults:
		49 States(all except TX)
		10 Provinces
		23 Texas Counties
		33 DX
	3028 QSO points
	0 Bonus points
	1 Texas mobile!
                348,220 points

	Club: TDXS

	Station:  TS930S, SB220, TH6DXX at 55 feet, 40M inverted Vee

	I can't believe I spent so much time on SSB, but that's where the action
was for this one, and NN5ZZ was intended to be a SSB call....my primary
objective was to provide a Texas station for the non-Texas stations to work.
I've done the mobile roving bit in the past, but I must admit I had fun with
this one....it was a constant run, limited only by this old man's need for
regular breaks.  I got most of my Texas counties on 40M midafternoon
Saturday .... otherwise would have struck out.  N5KC was 30 miles north in
Armadillo County, and I never heard him once.

Looking forward to next year...

Don, N5LZ 


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